Welcome to West Coast Installations, from Pallet Racking to Robotics: Warehouse Equipment Installation & Service. West Coast Installation offers comprehensive solutions to your material management needs. If you are starting up a new business, expanding a current business or are looking for on-going support, West Coast Installation can lead you on the path to better product organization, layout and handling.

Since we are familiar with every product we carry, we complete installations quickly, getting you up and running in little time at all. We even offer project management services in order to better coordinate your business’s launch. We also offer on-going assistance. Whether you need replacement materials or you are expanding, we can provide any products and installation services that you need.

Materials, supplies and equipment used in a warehouse. Includes wire decking, shelving, racking, ladders, work platforms, scales, ramps and docks, chain links, guard rails, plastic rolls, plastic bins and rope.